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SYNC Calorie Activity Tracker

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SYNC Calorie Activity Tracker

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SYNC Calorie - Syncs with MapMyWalk, the leading app for walking
Welcome to SYNC Calorie

Welcome to SYNC Calorie, an all day activity tracker that makes it easier than ever to monitor and track your daily physical activity. Know how many calories you burned throughout the day. Challenge yourself to burn even more tomorrow. Learn how far you walked during lunch. Now, compare that distance to last Tuesday’s walk. Saving and uploading your accomplishments to a smartphone or tablet is easy. With SYNC you can quickly transfer your data to MapMyWalk, the leading app for walking. With SYNC Calorie, you’ll be a part of an extensive community where everyone encourages, challenges, and inspires each other. Staying informed…and connected…will motivate and empower you to achieve more.

SYNC Calorie -- Your All Day Activity Tracker

SYNC Calorie tracks your daily calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and time spent moving. Plug SYNC Calorie into your compatible smartphone anytime to transfer all your data to the MapMyWalk app, where you can view, track, and share your fitness progress.

The SYNC Calorie is Loaded With Features

Captures calories burned - Tracks steps taken and distance traveled - Monitors time spent actively moving - Wear anywhere on body - 1+ year battery life - No recharging! - 30 day memory - Upload progress to MapMyWalk

Comfortable to wear all day
DO IT -- Get Moving

Capture your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and activity time. Simply wear the SYNC Calorie on your hip or in your pocket, and start moving.

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No need to recharge!
1+ Year Battery Life

No need to recharge the SYNC every few days…it lasts over 1 year on a user replaceable battery.

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Inserts easily into smartphones and tablets
SYNC IT -- In Seconds

Quickly sync your data to the MapMyWalk App on your smartphone or tablet using the audio jack transmission.

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Flip open design
Simple Data Transmission

Flip open the SYNC and insert into the audio jack port of your smartphone or tablet. Once fully inserted, open the MapMyWalk App, press “SYNC,” and data flows in seconds.

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View your all day activity
TRACK IT -- On a Smartphone or Tablet

Track and monitor your daily activities. Use the MapMyWalk tools to challenge and motivate you to do more.

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Share your accomplishments
Motivation to Wear...And Share

With a simple data sync to MapMyWalk, your daily activities are ready to quickly view, analyze, and share. SYNC Calorie enables you to be part of an extensive community where everyone can encourage, challenge, and inspire each other.

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